The undeniable truth

To be truly honest life is pretty shitty.

I mean there´s barely a sense in anything, you go to kindergarden to be prepared for school and society, then you get your diploma after years of standing up early every weekday except the weekends where you begin to destroy your brain cells by drinking excessively because it seems to be the most effective method to get along and have a good time. The next day after Sunday you go back to school and work all day long for things you mostly don´t even interest you. Somehow it still needs to be possible to get some amount of relaxing time and exercising into this day which is ALWAYS way to short. If you´re celebrating a birthday or something at Saturday thhe day is over in like a nanosecond or something and you didn´t even notice the time´s passing. If you´re having a long day at school every minute seems crucially long and when you finally get home there´s like a mountain of homework waiting for you and the day becomes equally short as the good one. Fuck yeah and in addition to that there are people and more people. People everywhere. At home, at school, even when you´re taking a fucking walk outside in the darkest evening on winter. There are persons everywhere. There´s no place you´ll ever really be on your own with yourself to take a time-out. Time-outs are no-gos. That´s just how it is.  Time is money. Money is work. There´s just no time because you have to seize the day. Fucking carpe diem. Good why can´t time be stopped only for once. Time´s ticking. Even when you´re not working everything around you keeps buzzing. And you´re the one who has to find his way back in to the crowds and the busy buzzing of life. If this wasn´t enough there´s still more. There´s a way beyond school and education. There´s love, there´s friendship and health, there´s moral and hatred, there´s death and problems everywhere, there´s physics and aesthetics and there are endless responsabilities.

The list goes on and further on…

But there´s a huge BUT, an enormous, gigantic, all-surrounding BUT which could create a little sense in the world you´re living.

Which denies all the senselessness and should definitely keep everyone from giving up. YOU. It´s you. The fact that YOU ARE. You exist. And simply because of this tiny fact you should seize the opportunity which is given to you and do the best you can. Become the best version of yourself. This is what you´re limited time is for. Learning for life. To become an example, to improve things, to create new things, to do whatever you like. To test the abilities you´re given. To develop new ones. To overcome hard times and move mountains. Get stronger and learn what is possible if you just do everything you can. And if you think you´ve given your all, step back, look again closely and dive even a little deeper and give a little more. Always overstep limits. They exist to be broken and widen your imagination.

Because you´ll learn to understand that things and moments are flippy. They seem senseless one day and fully logical the other. It´s all a process of moving. Moving your mind. Broaden your horizon and create your own sense. Create your own world and overmount every obstacle this shitty world sets in front of you.

Fuck yes yes yes you´re strong, stronger than you think. It´s not all about physics it´s about your mindset. That´s where every single step, every beginning ever developed and led to an action which built something new.

That´s why you should live.


Coping with casualties


I simply feel the urge to put my thoughts into words. Put things on paper to make it real.
There are so many occurring questions and thoughts nobody ever talks about. Maybe because it seems odd and the opportunities to overpass this strangeness are rare.
So here I am, creating a safe space for these thoughts which are just waiting to be outspoken - as life is too short to leave such important things unsaid.
It´s our mind every single individual has to live with every single amount of time from beginning to end. Which is exactly the reason why order is needed at a certain point of time to give the wandering mind a possibility of resting and staying in one place even if it´s just for the length of an entry right here.
We have to keep us concentrated and occupied with themes that are of true importance to us, otherwise our thoughts hover over the same aspects over and over again.
Without telling too much about my person itself concerning outer circumstances, I will talk about my inner self but in a more general way to deal with fundamental questions.
I am grateful for open-minded souls who´d like to share their thoughts on the topics treated, as sharing is one of the most essential things that keeps life interesting.

So be aware of yourself, take care of yourself and let yourself go to simply L I V E.